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Our History

Qingdao Tymus Green Materials Co., Ltd., we are dedicated to continuous innovation in the technology and applications of biobased and degradable materials. Our vision is to bring more green space for humanity, and our mission is equally committed to this goal. Our core values include integrity, accountability, innovation, and mutual achievement.

Our product trademarks include MixBond® and Mixform™, and our slogan is "To Bring More Green Space for Humanity." Our main product lines include Mixbond® series nonwoven roll goods, Maxmat™ series absorbent cores, and Tutidy™ series wet wipes. These products are known for their fluffy and soft texture, strong dirt-removing and masking capabilities, and excellent absorption and liquid retention properties, making them particularly suitable for disposable wipes and liquid absorption core materials such as baby wipes.

Our company is located in the Qingdao West Coast New Area Textile Town and is a Sino-American joint venture. We have introduced mature multi-fiber melt-bond core technology and key equipment, and through integrated innovation, we have created a unique Mixform™ multifunctional nonwoven production line. These lines use natural pulp and various degradable materials (such as PLA, PHA, PGA, etc.) as the main raw materials, producing products that are not only environmentally friendly but also perform exceptionally well.

Our products are widely used not only in the personal care sector, such as baby wipes and adult incontinence products, but also in pet care, home cleaning, medical care, and industrial wiping wipes. Our technological advantages and commitment to environmental protection have positioned us at the forefront of the nonwoven and liquid absorption product markets.

High Quality
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