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Production Market

Our company, Qingdao Tymus Green Materials Co., Ltd., targets the production market across various regions, including Europe, America, and the Middle East. These markets are significant for our business due to their demand for high-quality nonwoven materials and personal care products that align with our commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Europe: The European market is known for its stringent environmental regulations and consumer awareness regarding eco-friendly products. Our biobased and degradable materials, such as MixBond® nonwoven roll goods and Maxmat™ absorbent cores, are well-suited to meet the European standards for sustainability and product performance.

America: The American market, particularly the United States, offers a vast opportunity for our products due to its large consumer base and the growing trend towards environmentally responsible products. Our products, such as Tutidy™ wet wipes and biodegradable personal care items, are designed to cater to the American market's preferences for quality and sustainability.

Middle East: The Middle Eastern market is diverse and growing, with a focus on luxury and high-quality products. Our premium nonwoven materials and personal care products can meet the expectations of consumers in this region who seek products that offer both performance and environmental responsibility.

Our strategy for these markets involves understanding local regulations, consumer preferences, and distribution channels. We ensure that our products comply with the necessary certifications and standards required in each region, such as CE marking for Europe, FDA approval for the United States, and relevant standards for the Middle East.

By focusing on these key markets, we aim to expand our global footprint and establish our brand as a leader in providing innovative, sustainable, and high-quality nonwoven materials and personal care products.

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